She Saved An Entire Town From Hamas, Hailed As Hero

Inbar Lieberman, a 25-year-old security coordinator at Kibbutz Nir Am, proved to be a force to be reckoned with during the recent terrorist attack in Israel. On Saturday, Lieberman and her team of 12 kibbutzniks were able to save their entire settlement from harm by killing 25 Hamas terrorists, including five that she personally took down.

Lieberman first heard the sounds of explosions early Saturday morning and quickly realized that these were not the usual rocket attacks that the kibbutz had become accustomed to. She immediately sprang into action, opening the armory and distributing guns to her team. Lieberman coordinated the defense of Nir Am and strategically placed her team in key locations throughout the settlement to set up ambushes for the advancing terrorists.

As the terrorists approached Nir Am, they were caught off guard by the coordinated counterattack led by Lieberman. She personally killed five terrorists, while the other members of her team were able to neutralize 20 more during the four-hour-long attack. Thanks to Lieberman’s quick thinking and leadership, Nir Am was turned into an impenetrable fortress, while neighboring kibbutzim suffered heavy losses.

According to Ilit Paz, cultural coordinator at Nir Am, Lieberman’s actions were nothing short of amazing. Her husband was part of the standby unit that worked to prevent further casualties, and they were in direct contact with Lieberman throughout the attack. “But Inbar made a decision not to wait and be jumped operationally. In fact, the fact that they did it early prevented dozens of casualties,” Paz said.

Social media has also been abuzz with praise for Lieberman and her heroic actions during the attack. One post on Israel Hayom predicted that she will receive the Israel Prize for her bravery and that her story will go down in Israeli lore for generations. “Inbal is the reason there is one kibbutz in the entire surrounding area that remains unharmed – Nir Am,” the post read.

As of now, the death toll from the attack stands at 900, with 2,600 others injured. But fortunately, thanks to the brave actions of Inbar Lieberman and her team, the residents of Kibbutz Nir Am were able to protect their home and prevent any casualties within their settlement. Lieberman’s heroism and quick thinking have cemented her place in Israeli history and will continue to inspire others for years to come.


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