The Biden Admin Is Full Of Them & It’s Driving America Into The Ground

I wish I was kidding, but seriously, just look.

America is being driven into the ground by Harry Potter larpers. Before you roll your eyes, know that the Biden administration is full of them and take it very seriously.

Before we go further, Larping is a type of interactive role-playing game in which the participants portray characters through physical action, often in costume and with props.

To start, let’s begin with Fulton County, Georgia – includes Atlanta – Grand Jury Forewoman Emily Khors investigating Trump for election meddling since she wants her 15 minutes of fame.

According to reports, she used a popsicle to swear in a witness.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution also interviewed Khors and reported:

Kohrs also spoke extensively about the witnesses who appeared before the grand jury. She said the late Georgia House Speaker David Ralston cracked her up. (She said she swore him in holding a Ninja Turtle Popsicle she had just received at an ice cream party thrown by the DA’s office.)

Social media also discovered that she posts about spells and potions oh and there is this…

Then there’s NATO. Yup, you read that right. Comparing the war in Ukraine to Harry Potter.

Oh, and remember the horrible Afghanistan withdrawal?

Staffers had a Harry Potter role-playing session while it was happening.

For those wondering what the hell a “patronus” is. It’s a spirit animal that materials when a wizard or witch cast a specific spell.

From Breitbart News:

White House staffers are reportedly playing Harry Potter, trying to find each other’s “patronus” while hundreds of Americans are trapped in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

Politico’s West Wing Playbook reported that staff in President Joe Biden’s administration are “huge Harry Potter fans.”

The White House staffers are big enough fans that they “have taken it to a new level” by using an online test to determine the form of their “patronus,” which are “like their magic spirit animal.” The White House staffers are apparently more focused on this than using their time to help the Americans trapped in Afghanistan.

Emilie Simons, the assistant press secretary, apparently “took it upon herself to post pictures of the press team’s patronuses in a collage above her desk in the West Wing.”

Politico gives insight into just how deep the role-playing goes inside the White House (keep in mind the date of the report below was right in the middle of the Afghanistan withdrawal):


We’ve previously noted that Attorney General MERRICK GARLAND is a Potter-obsessive. But a group of staffers on the White House press team have taken it to a new level: taking an online test to determine the form of their patronus (it’s like their magic spirit animal).

Assistant press secretary EMILIE SIMONS took it upon herself to post pictures of the press team’s patronuses in a collage above her desk in the West Wing. Some of the results:

Rapid response director Mike Gwin is a bald eagle.

Deputy press secretary Andrew Bates is a black stallion.

Assistant press secretary VEDANT PATEL is an orca whale.

Press assistant NATALIE AUSTIN is a Siberian husky.

Deputy press secretary CHRIS MEAGHER is technically a bear but Simons changed it to be a picture of a teddy bear dressed as a wizard — wand and all.

We had soldiers in the field dying, people trying to throw their kids over walls because the Taliban was retaking the country and these clowns are playing RPG games.

How can we forget Biden’s head of disinformation Nina Jankowicz who – as an adult – was part of a Harry Potter tribute rock band. She started the band when she was a kid but that doesn’t count because we all do fun stuff like that when we are young. During her adult years she later continued playing the band.

As a matter of fact, music videos of Jankowicz singing raunchy tunes plagued her. Below is a Christmas song she sang about sleeping her way to the top.

Of course, what ended Jankowicz’s brief stint in the Biden administration was that crazy Mary Poppins video (liberals are weird).

I rest my case.


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