What The Heck Is Going On!? More Crazy Tapes Coming Out Of Congress

Look, if people in DC have time for this kind of behavior in Congress, it may be time to start discussing if we need a full-time, 365-day-a-year congressional body.

According to the report, another case of Capitol sex videos is coming out, and this time, it’s in the House.

The claims made by Semafor state that a quiet investigation was done after a video on snapchat began being circulated. A senior staff member of Rep. Dan Newhouse, (R-Wash) was initially accused of being in the video.

However, the investigation found there was “no conclusive evidence” that identified the staffer as the person in the video.

In the fall of 2022, the staffer accused of being in the video said he left his job on good terms to take another one.

From RedState:

One of the videos, watched by Semafor, featured a man masturbating inside a House office building, which was identifiable by standard Capitol House furniture and carpeting. The desk at which the videographer performed also held a branded congressional mouse pad. A screenshot of a second video obtained by Semafor shows two men engaged in a sex act in an office setting. The participants’ faces are not visible in any of the material viewed by Semafor.

You know, the establishment threw out Madison Cawthorn for blowing the whistle on this type of behavior, and every month it seems that kid was right.

The news of the old investigation follows the viral video involving one with a staffer who worked for Democrat Senator Ben Cardin.

Cardin said, “I was angry. I was disappointed,” He called it “a breach of trust.”

“It’s a tragic situation, and it’s presented a lot of anger and frustration,” he added. “I’m concerned about our staff, and the way that they feel about this, and the Senate staff.”


DC is such a weird place.


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