Fox New Reporter Busts Left Wing Israel Talking Point & Makes A Shocking Revelation

If you are not following Fox News reporter Trey Yingst on X, you should. The guy is doing such an incredible job the other networks rushed to fly out their correspondents.

Yingst was in Israel when the attack took place and rushed to southern Israel.

Unknown to Yingst the horrific videos were being posted on the internet but he was one of the first to confirm what took place.

One of the talking points that is coming from the left is that there’s no way Israel wouldn’t have known about the attack because their intelligence agency is so good.

Well, Yingst seemed to indirectly bust that talking point by posting warnings and news articles that he posted a little over a month ago.

A former retired general explained how he believes Hamas was able to evade officials.

From the Associated Press:

Amir Avivi, a retired Israeli general, said that without a foothold inside Gaza, Israel’s security services have come to rely increasingly on technological means to gain intelligence. He said militants in Gaza have found ways to evade that technological intelligence gathering, giving Israel an incomplete picture of their intentions.

“The other side learned to deal with our technological dominance and they stopped using technology that could expose it,” said Avivi, who served as a conduit for intelligence materials under a former military chief of staff. Avivi is president and founder of Israel Defense and Security Forum, a hawkish group of former military commanders.

“They’ve gone back to the Stone Age,” he said, explaining that militants weren’t using phones or computers and were conducting their sensitive business in rooms specially guarded from technological espionage or going underground.

Yingst also revealed something that the media and even officials probably don’t want to talk about because it’s just unimaginable.

Yingst reported what the attackers did to the children.


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