WATCH: Biden Just Created A Mess After Confusion When Heckled

President Biden may have created an international mess during a private fundraiser when he was heckled by a far-left protestor who demanded a ceasefire in Gaza.

On November 1, 2023, Biden was in Minnesota for a private fundraiser when he was interrupted by a protestor who chided Joe for supporting Israel.

To combat the heckler, Biden said that there needs to be a “pause” in military operations.

CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins reported, “Biden was interrupted at a fundraiser in Minneapolis tonight by a protester calling for a ceasefire. He responded that he supports a humanitarian pause to allow for the release of hostages. “I think we need a pause. A pause means give time to get the prisoners out,” Biden said, per pool reports.”

Adding, “Not sure exactly what this means, but Biden also said: “I’m the guy that convinced Bibi to call for a ceasefire to let the prisoners out. I’m the guy that talked to Sisi to convince him to open the door.”

What Biden said is a 180-degree difference from what the administration has said since October 7.

In a statement to ABC News, The White House said that Biden didn’t misspeak and the “cease-fire” already took place.

From ABC News:

A White House official told ABC News Wednesday evening that Biden did not misspeak when he said that he convinced Netanyahu to call for a “cease-fire.” The official suggested the president was talking about the temporary pause to free the two American hostages last month, arguing that the term has multiple meanings and that it could be interchangeable with “humanitarian pause.”

It appears that Biden is claiming that his administration requested Israel to hold off to try and get some hostages out while trying to ease the friction in his party over his decisions in Israel. Even ABC noted that what Biden said contrasts what the White House has stated for weeks.

There are reports from a Hebrew newspaper in Israel that during the IDF’s battle to take over a Hamas HQ building, they “sent a group of around 100 women and children toward them to act as a human wall.”

So we looked up yNet on Wikipedia, and a lib fact-checking think tank. Both said the newspaper is respected, center-left, and was rated “highly credible.” So, two leftist organizations have deemed the paper’s reporting as credible and the leftist tells us only the information they deem credible is credible (heavy sarcasm).


Meanwhile, in the USA…


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