Supermodel Stands Up To Leftists Doesn’t Care If ‘This Will Kill Your Career’

She is one of the wealthiest former supermodels in the world, and she is standing up to leftists even if it kills her career.

Kathy Ireland is a staunch pro-life advocate and recently gave an interview showing her strong support for pro-life causes.

Ireland, a former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, used her early success to create a multi-billion company. At the height of her success, she married Greg Olsen had three kids and sort of disappeared from the limelight.

“I didn’t want to be pro-life, it wasn’t part of my plan,” she recalled, but added that “once you know the truth, and you know a human being’s life is in danger, nothing else matters.”

The former supermodel said that she was a “slow leaner” and was a pro-choice Christians for a long time.

“If we saw someone murdering a three-year-old on the street, we would intervene,” Ireland said. “When you recognize that this is a human being that we’re talking about, you do whatever you can to stop it.”

“Once you know the truth, it’s hard to un-know it,” she emphasized.

The model said that she was warned by people in the Hollywood bubble not to come out a pro-life.

“I was told this would kill my career,” the former model explained, adding that the pushback, however, was “irrelevant” to her.

“There’s been a lot of pushback from it, yet it is so irrelevant when we’re talking about a human life,” Ireland told prominent pro-life activist Lila Rose.

“I had business colleagues say, ‘Just don’t even touch this subject,’ ‘This will kill your career.’ And I was like, no, if I have an opportunity to speak about life, of course I’m gonna take it, I don’t care if the career is killed,” the former model said. “We’re talking about a baby being killed!”

“If our business goes down the toilet, so be it,” Ireland recalled a conversation with a former business partner. “If one woman watching cancels her appointment, it is so worth it.”

“The Lord will provide,” Ireland added, “it’s gonna work out.”


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