Residents FURIOUS, Biden Shuts Down Another Form Of American Fun

It turns out that Biden doesn’t just hate sportsmen, he hates motorized recreation too.

The Southern Utah Wilderness Wilderness Alliance (SUWA) had sued the federal government over the “mishandling of federal lands.” The environmental group won the settlement order that the Bureau of Land Management impose strict protections for wildlife habitats and cultural resources.

So the Biden administration has decided to shut down about a third of (300 miles) the offroad trails in Moab, Utah. However, Jeep and rock crawler enthusiasts aren’t the only ones being affected. Campers and mountain bikers won’t be able to enjoy the outdoors either. Additionally, hikers aren’t going to be able to access some of their favorite trails because of the road shutdown.

Residents are furious and shocked the area relies on the tourism that visits Moab year-round. Even if you don’t have a Jeep rig to go off-road there are several tour groups that take tourists out to enjoy the trails without taking the risk. Sadly thanks to Joe Biden those businesses are about to feel a pinch.

“There’s no other way to say this. This travel plan is the worst defeat motorized recreation has suffered in decades. SUWA won. Moab is lost. Almost every major trail west of Moab is closed,” Patrick McKay, a member of the Off-Road Trail Defenders wrote on Facebook.

“Elections have consequences. This decision likely came straight from BLM senior leadership in the most anti-recreation administration in decades. It’s hard to see any other explanation for how the BLM completely disregarded all comments from motorized groups and gave environmentalists literally everything they wanted,” McKay added.

However, in comments given to The Salt Lake Tribune staff attorney for the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance let the cat out of the bag.

“There are still many places within this area, and within Grand County, where off-road vehicles are allowed,” Laura Peterson, staff attorney for the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance said. “This does not cut off access. It does not exclude people. This is just a more balanced way of managing motorized recreation.”

Notice she said, “This is just a more balanced way of managing motorized recreation.”

This wasn’t about protecting the environment, it was about going after people who use their vehicles for fun.

In the 2020, election Trump won Utah however, in Grand County where the closures are taking place Biden received 54% of the vote.

You get what you vote for.


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