Biden Breaksdown: Rants, Screams, & Confusion – WATCH

President Biden along with Vice President Kamala Harris, both spoke to celebrate National Small Business Week. As the event went on Biden had a total breakdown giving wild hand gestures, yelling, and not knowing where to go.


“And we see it here again today in companies like — and I hope I pronounce it right — A- — AmePower?  Is it ‘Ame’? I believe that’s right, yeah.  AmePower, Florida’s Small Business winner — award winner.  Business Week winner.  You won.  (Laughter and applause.)  Well, it’s a big deal,” the President said struggling to read the teleprompter.

Then there were the events that took place after the speech that was just awful to watch, you’ll notice in the clip below he totally goes the wrong way before an aid grabs him.


When they finally heard Joe in the correct direction he’s mad, I sort of feel bad for the woman in the brown outfit in the background on the phone who appears to be responsible for keeping an eye on Joe.

In the clip below the woman above trying to corral Biden is on the phone and it must have been with Jill Biden because the president claimed his “wife is waiting” for him. The guy must have been so out of sorts the aid had to bring in Jill to get him under control.

I was trying to read his lips.

It appears that Biden wanted to stay at the event and was upset he couldn’t. The aid, trying to guide the president called First Lady Jill Biden because he wasn’t listening. It’s no wonder they don’t want RFK debating him on stage for the public to see.


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