SCOTUS Judge Comments During Arguments Come Under Question

On the one hand, watching the woke try to lead is hilarious to see they just can’t figure it out.

For example, the Biden administration’s much-touted spending bill is being overturned by a federal judge.

Another fine example is watching legal “experts” like Fani Willis testify.

Just remarkable incompetence.

It’s also possible that Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s only reference to guns is what she’s seen in 80’s action movies.

It also would appear the team representing the Biden administration likes to make as many gaffes as their boss does.

During oral arguments, the Biden administration argued that a bump stock modification allows a shooter to fire “600 times a second.”

The attorney later corrected himself, stating that he meant “600 times a minute.”

“That’s not happening because the shooter is able to move their hand back and forth 600 — or, I’m sorry, 600 times a minute,” the Biden admin attorney said.

Serious question: Did the Biden admin actually test to see if the firearm fires 600 rounds a minute? Because that seems almost impossible.

I don’t know if SCOTUS Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson was daydreaming, but below is what she said.

“So I see Congress as putting function in this. The function of this trigger is to cause this kind of damage, 800 rounds a second or whatever. And — and — and so the classification of weapons that we’re trying to identify with this statute are those that function in that same way,” Justice Brown said.

The barrel would melt.

“Or whatever?”

Later in the hearing, Justice Gorsuch said that he “certainly understand why these items should be made illegal”; however, his problem is how the rules are being regulated.

“You adopted an interpretive rule, not even a legislative rule, saying otherwise that would render between a quarter of a million and a half million people federal felons and not even through an APA process they could challenge, subject to 10 years in federal prison, and the only way they can challenge it is if they’re prosecuted, and they may well wind up dispossessed of guns, all guns in the future, as well as a lot of other civil rights, including the right to vote,” he said.

The Biden admin lawyer said after the Las Vegas shooting, “It would have been irresponsible for the ATF not to take another closer look at this prior interpretation.”

Gorsuch then went on a tear stating that the administration should regulate through legislation instead of an “interpretive rule, and an interpretive rule you can more or less just issue.”

You can read or listen to the entire oral argument hearing here. 



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