Biden Moves To Ban American Staple

Just like with the gas stove ban that has turned into regulation, a new post from Economist shows they are going after another American staple.


According to the Economist, beef is causing climate change.

The paper cited a 2019 study, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimated that the global food system was responsible for 21-37% of greenhouse gas emissions. A more recent study published this year by researchers from the European Commission and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Office found that food production accounted for 34% of global emissions in 2015. Even when the authors excluded emissions from sources such as transportation and packaging, they still estimated that agriculture was responsible for 24% of emissions.

The report also cited a study by Xiaoming Xu of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and eight co-authors found that animal-based foods accounted for 57% of agricultural emissions, with beef and cow’s milk alone making up 34%. This means that cattle are responsible for 12% of global emissions.

The piece claimed that by reducing beef consumption is one of the most effective ways to reduce emissions.

So what will replace steak? Grasshoppers.

From the BBC:

Replacing half of the meat eaten worldwide with mealworms and crickets could reduce farmland use by a third, freeing up 1,680 million hectares, equivalent to around 70 times the area of the UK, and reducing global emissions, according to a study by Alexander and other researchers at the University of Edinburgh.

Oh, and it’s not just gas stoves and steaks. The Biden administration is now regulating air conditioners.

“Today’s announcement builds on the historic actions President Biden took last year to strengthen outdated energy efficiency standards, which will help save on people’s energy bills and reduce our nation’s carbon footprint,” Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said in a statement.

“DOE will continue to engage with our public and private sector partners to finalize additional proposals like today’s that lower household energy costs and deliver the safer, healthier communities that every American deserves,” she continued.

All of the current decisions are part of a Biden executive order signed by Biden in January 2021.

The president continues to rule by decree.


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