Look Who The Dems Brought Back Just In Time For 2024

I can’t believe she’s back.

On the bright side, if she really goes full swing like last time, we are going to have some great content.

That’s right, the “Mary Poppins” of nonsense, the creepy Harry Potter singing bureaucrat Nina Jankowicz, previous head of the ill-fated “Disinformation Governance Board” is back.

Yup, she is joining the American Sunlight Project, which recently attacked the Republican-led House for investigating groups encouraging censorship.

In case you need to jog your memory…

From the Daily Caller:

The American Sunlight Project, Jankowicz’s new outfit, recently launched, sending a letter to the Republican-led House Oversight and Judiciary Committees on April 22 criticizing them for their investigation of individuals and organizations encouraging censorship. Though the group stresses its bipartisan credentials, its staff and advisory board are composed largely of alumni of left-wing activist organizations.

It was Jankowicz who was selected to lead an effort by the DHS to stop “disinformation” with a “Disinformation Governance Board” in 2022. After an uproar the project was scrapped.

What she’ll do exactly is not clear.

“We will obviously share more publicly as things develop but aren’t going to be showing everyone our entire playbook on day one,” Eddie Vale, spokesperson for the American Sunlight Project said.

The Mary Poppins video of Jankowicz wasn’t the only video that got her in trouble. A video first unearthed by Breitbart was discovered of her singing a raunchy Christmas song.

“I want to be rich, famous, and powerful! Step on all my enemies and never do a thing,” Jankowicz sang in the clip from 2015. “Who do I f—k to be famous and powerful? I’ve done everything I can and now the rest is up to you,” her version of “My Simple Christmas Wish (Rich, Famous, and Powerful)” went.


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