New Evidence Finds Biden Coverup! Video Destroys Admin’s Claim

There’s some new video that has exploding and not only did it come from the mainstream media (which is curious) it’s explosive realizations hints at a Biden administration coverup.

There’s new video evidence that CNN (yes, you read that right) has found. This evidence is casting some significant doubts on two Pentagon investigations. These investigations were all about that horrifying ISIS-K suicide attack at the Kabul airport. This tragic event took place during the American troop withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021.

Now, here’s a bit of a reminder for you: this incident ended up being a horrifying/embarrassing end to America’s longest war. It tragically left 13 United States military service members and approximately 170 Afghans dead. These people were just desperately trying to get US help to escape from the Taliban takeover of Kabul as the Biden administration abandoned them.
It made Siagon look orderly.

For the last two years, the US military has said that this loss of life was due to one single explosion. Troops that reported they came under fire and returned it were likely confused in the chaotic moments after the explosion, some even suffering from the effects of blast concussion. Now, according to this new evidence, things might not be as clear as they initially seemed.

A Marine’s GoPro camera captured scenes the public hadn’t seen before. It seems to show the intensity of gunfire was much more than what the Pentagon has stated. According to more than ten U.S. military personnel who were present during the incident and have spoken anonymously to CNN, the situation was far more severe. As one Marine put it, it wasn’t just one or two shots, we are talking a mass volume of gunfire.

An Afghan doctor, speaking to CNN for the first time on record, mentioned that he personally treated individuals wounded by bullets. He, along with his hospital staff, accounted for dozens of Afghans who tragically lost their lives due to gunshot wounds.

The revelation takes a serious stab at the credibility of the Biden administration’s transparency and report claims.

The Pentagon is standing by their investigation. Biden administration spokesman John Kirby told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that, “We’re going to stand by the investigation, which did not find any conclusive evidence that there was gunfire of any kind by American troops on Afghan citizens.”

The GoPro footage shows 11 instances of shooting after the explosion over a four minute period which counters the Biden administration claim of only three “near simultaneous” bursts of gunfire.

One Marine, presumably the cameraman, notes after the blast: “I got that on film, dude.” Seconds later, as Afghans seem to race towards the airport walls to seek safety, another voice adds: “They’re breaking through.” The remainder of the footage shows the Marines swiftly getting accountability of their own units, struggling to come to terms with the blast’s impact, and hearing a steady series of controlled, isolated bursts of gunfire close by.
The Biden administrations investigation made no reference to the video.

What CNN is now claiming is a breaking story was reported was exstensivly covered by Tyler Varags who was there and was injured in the blast.

You can watch the entire interview below with podcaster Shawn Ryan.


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