Watch: Far Left Protestors Up The Ante Just Handed Biden A New Nightmare, Seize & Barricade Area

It appears it’s riot season again, except this time, it is the left eating itself.

The question is, what will Biden and the Democrats do?

Columbia University in New York has restricted access to its Morningside campus following an escalation by anti-Israel groups. The protest took a violent turn when demonstrators forcefully seized Hamilton Hall, a key administrative building, and proceeded to block its entrances.

On a Tuesday morning a large number of protesters forcibly entered Hamilton Hall, which houses several senior administrative offices, including the dean’s office. The protesters, many wearing masks and appearing organized, started to barricade the doors using metal gates. They also used wooden furniture such as tables and chairs to block further access and zip-tied doors shut, effectively taking control of the building.

In response to the situation, Columbia University’s administration, led by spokesman Ben Chang, issued a statement emphasizing the safety of the university community as their top priority. The statement outlined immediate changes to campus access, restricting entry to students who reside in on-campus housing and employees who perform essential services. Chang also noted, “Access to campus has been limited to CUID-only and essential personnel as a safety measure, and that includes media access. Media access will be restored when safety conditions change.”

The group behind the protest, Columbia University Apartheid Divest (CUAD), declared that they had renamed Hamilton Hall to “Hind’s Hall” in honor of Hind Rajab, a 6-year-old who died in Gaza during a conflict between Israel and Hamas. The group posted a statement on the social media platform X, stating that the takeover was an “escalation” in their ongoing efforts. They expressed their intention to remain in the building until their demands—which include divestment from companies involved with Israel, increased financial transparency from the university, and amnesty for the protesters—are met.

So now what? Columbia is an elite leftist college in a deep blue city run by Democrats with a far-left governor.

For now, this is a local issue state, but Joe has been silent.

Are they going to let these kids hold the building?

This is a nightmare for Biden and the Democrats, and it’s going to be interesting to see what they are going to do. The school already tried to negotiate with the protestors and that failed. Next, the school issued a deadline on April 29. The protestors refused to leave and, that night, took over a building. It would appear they aren’t leaving anytime soon.

It has been reported that protests in Yale had been peacefully dispersed; however, at Virginia Commonwealth University, there were clashes.

There are also reports that a far-left group in Portland, Oregon (of course) has taken over a college library and claimed it in the name of Palestine.


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