Drone Footage Catches Scary Training Inside Pro-Palestine Encampment

College campuses have been dealing with encampments, riots, and protests for days. Drone footage showed some concerning training going on at the encampment in UCLA.

It just so happens that hours after the night following the footage being posted online, clashes broke out.

They were training for confrontation.

That night things turned to chaos following the beating of a Jewish woman.

The security that was hired to keep the pro-Palestine encampment and the pro-Israel encampment apart fled when things got too dangerous.

Who started what is being debated online? there’s no way to know. Tension hit a boiling point, and encampments ended up fighting in mutual combat for about 2 to 3 hours before police finally showed up.

The mainstream media aren’t going to show the videos below:

In the video below not the person in the red pants who appears to be on the pro-Palestine side, they pop up a lot in these videos. Also not the Antifa umbrellas are back as well.

Finally around LAPD seemed to restore some sort of order.


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