Biden Address Students At Morehouse College

On Sunday, U.S. President Joe Biden addressed graduates at Morehouse College, urging them not to give up on democracy despite their anger over the ongoing war in Gaza. The speech came at a time when many college campuses across the country were experiencing protests over Biden’s support for Israel in its conflict with Hamas. A group of students made sure to turn their back on the President during the ceremony.

In his speech, Biden acknowledged the graduates’ concerns about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and emphasized his efforts to negotiate a pause in the conflict to facilitate the release of hostages. He admitted that leadership is often difficult and isolating, and he shared that his own family was feeling the frustration and anger surrounding the conflict.

A noticeable generational divide was present during the commencement. While older alumni frequently stood and cheered for the president, many current graduates remained silent or offered only polite applause. Some students wore keffiyehs, a symbol of solidarity with the Palestinian cause, and a few turned their backs on Biden in silent protest. The valedictorian also called for a permanent and immediate ceasefire, receiving applause from Biden.

Then on the evening of May 19, Biden headed to Detroit, Michigan to speak at the NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner.

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