Far Left Brat Protestor Gets A Dose Of Karma – WATCH

There has been an uproar over what took place at a Emory College near Atlanta, Georgia.

Clifton Crais, a history professor at Emory University in Decatur, Georgia, was walking to class when several students approached him. They pleaded for him to contact the university president, Gregory Fenves, to avoid involving the police in a campus protest. The students were part of a larger group advocating for the university to divest from Israel and opposing a new police training center, known as “Cop City”. They had set up camp on the university’s quad, sparking the administration’s quick reaction.

Professor Crais, who is an activist on campus, said that efforts were in vain. Within minutes, a large number of Atlanta police officers and state troopers arrived, leading to the arrest of 28 individuals, including students and faculty members from Emory and other institutions.

Plainly, the school called the police, the protestors refused to move, and law enforcement did what they were ordered to do.

Including removing this liberal brat who learned the hard way to not resist.

By the way, we aren’t the only ones amused. Watch the video again, and keep an eye on the girl in the white pants and green sweater.

In the aftermath of the incident, Professor Crais drafted a motion of no confidence against President Fenves, as several faculty members were arrested. Of course, one of them admitted to striking the police.

Professor of Economics Caroline Fohlin admits she stuck an officer after she was arrested. Maybe are economy is in such shambles because people like this are teaching students.


In response to the arrests and threat of a no confidence vote Emory’s President Greg Fenves, issued a letter stating that the protest was organized by outside influences.

From 11Alive:

Fenves, in his letter, said he was “saddened by what took place at Emory yesterday.” He also asserted that while there were arrests of members of the Emory community — “something that I take very seriously” — the initial encampment at the beginning of the day was the work of “highly organized, outside protesters” who came to campus in vans to “overtake the Quad just days after it was vandalized with hateful and threatening messages,” calling that “deeply disturbing.”

What these leftists don’t realize is that they are making Joe look bad, so his cronies are letting the cops arrest them.


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