Gunmaker Goes Woke & It Doesn’t Go Well

In today’s episode of companies committing suicide because they haven’t paid attention to the people they’ve hired is the gun maker Heckler & Koch.

The company’s official social media account stood in solidarity with Miller Lite’s latest woke commercial.

After the commercial went viral, Graham Allen expressed his shock that Miller Lite appeared to repeat Bud Light’s mistake.

He wrote, “Did NOBODY learn from Bud Light’s COSTLY mistake? Miller Lite just dropped this WOKE advertisement!!! When will these beer companies learn????”


On May 15, 2023, the gunmaker supported Miller Lite’s decision not to use women as “bunnies.”

When the company started getting backlash for supporting the beer company whoever was in charge of posting for the gun maker went on a rant.

Wow- woke? Allow me to translate: objectifying women was never a good marketing strategy. In the firearms industry, that was a prominent strategy up until recently. Many industries have done that (including beer corps).

As an actual woman typing this, I’ll use more words for you to comprehend: using bunnies to sell products is trash marketing. Supporting women by not doing that is good.

The backlash was so hard the company deleted the posts.

It’s so ironic because Ben Shapiro recently poked fun at another woke/cancel culture trend that’s been taking place at gyms across the county that is 180 degrees different.

Women who are fitness Tik Tok influencers are wearing very revealing clothing while working out, claim a man is gawking at them, and then make a scene. It’s gotten so bad that gyms started to kick these women out and are prohibiting filming.

Recently a fitness influencer received backlash after she attempted to defend herself for admitting she wears very provocative clothing but complained about men.



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