He Survived Mao & Said Hillary Clintons Latest Comments Are Alarming

A recent CNN interview with Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential candidate, has sparked controversy over her call for “formal deprogramming” of what she deems as the “MAGA cult.” This statement has generated backlash from both sides, with some individuals expressing concern over the use of government-sponsored deprogramming.

This is not the first time that the left has called for deprogramming of the right. In 2021, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez proposed using taxpayer funds to deprogram white supremacists, which is often used as a blanket term for conservatives and MAGA Republicans. Many prominent figures, including former CBS News and NBC “Today” host Katie Couric, have also called for the deprogramming of Trump supporters, citing the need to combat extremism and protect democracy.

But why are such calls for deprogramming being made? After the intense demonization of former President Donald Trump, the left is deeply disturbed by the unwavering support he continues to receive from his followers. In response, the left has resorted to labeling all conservatives and MAGA Republicans as extremists and enemies of the state.

This tactic is eerily reminiscent of Mao’s “Anti-Rightist campaign” in 1957, which quickly turned into a witch hunt for anyone who expressed “incorrect” ideas or opinions. People who were labeled as rightists were sent to “Thought Reform Camps” where they were subjected to hard labor, starvation, and intense political study and struggle sessions in an attempt to “deprogram” them and replace their thoughts with the correct Marxist and Maoist ideology.

In a disturbing parallel, the FBI recently created a new category of extremists to track and counter: Donald Trump’s army of MAGA followers. This is just one of the measures being taken to “deprogram” supposed extremists, along with private and public partnerships and a national hotline.

Critics of these deprogramming calls argue that it is difficult to distinguish between actual extremists and political opponents, and fear that this could lead to government-sanctioned witch hunts and purges, similar to what occurred in Mao’s China.

Ironically, the ones calling for deprogramming are themselves the product of a brainwashing system. In their effort to deprogram others, they are perpetuating the same divisive and ideological indoctrination that they claim to be against.

Ultimately, this deprogramming campaign is a war over the minds of the American people. It is a battle between traditional American values enshrined in our Constitution and the progressive values rooted in cultural Marxism and communism. Time will tell which program will prevail, but history has shown us that attempts to control and manipulate the minds of a population can have devastating consequences.


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