The Left Now Trying To Cancel Iconic Church Song

It’s one of the top Christian songs of the modern era. Co-written by Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves, and Ed Cash, it’s still in the top five.

The left is now tarnishing the song, claiming it’s extremists.

Sean Feucht, who led massive outdoor worship services in blue areas during the pandemic, recently sang “How Great Is Our God,” and now the left is saying it’s a theme song for extremists.

From Religious New Service:

Worship songs like “How Great Is Our God” work well at protests, regardless of what the protest is about. For example, she said, “Waymaker,” another hit song, was sung both at Black Lives Matters protests and at anti-vax rallies in 2020.

The lyrics of a song like “How Great Is Our God” can be vague enough that verses describing the God of the Bible could easily be adapted to mean the God of America or the God of a particular group of people.

Leah Payne, a religious historian, said, “When I think of ‘How Great Is Our God,’ I wonder, who is the ‘our’?”

Matthew D. Taylor, a senior scholar at the Institute for Islamic, Christian and Jewish Studies blamed church people who wanted to go to church in blue states.

The COVID-19 pandemic amped up that polarization, said Taylor, with Feucht and other activists turning worship into a partisan act during pandemic-era lockdowns. Feucht began holding outdoor impromptu worship rallies in places such as Portland and Seattle, near the sites of protests that followed the death of George Floyd.

Blue states were literally fining churches.

So, to be clear, according to the left, chanting “Death to America” at college campuses is free speech. But if you attended a religious service because the government is refusing to allow you to worship and sing a song, you must be an extremist.



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