Watch: Police Take Down UCLA Encampment Look What They Found

You won’t see this folly broadcast by the mainstream media, and if it wasn’t for Elon Musk, this video would probably never see the light of day.

Some of the groups that exposed the 2020 BLM riots were able to embed themselves inside the UCLA pro-Palestine encampment as an army of police officers descended to end the protest.

The police raid came after a violent riot took place on the campus the night before and the pro-Palestinian protestors called for backup and supplies.

In the twilight hours of May 2nd a massive mobilization of law enforcement arrived.

Protestors began to reinforce their barricades knowing law enforcement was mobilizing.

Then Police moved in, note this is just one of the barriers created to stop police.

Eventually police broke through the line and were able to get into the encampment.

Note: this is just crazy this is happening inside the USA.

In the early morning hours protestors that were left set up a new barrier.

By 6am WST police appeared to have full control of the campus.


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