Historic Hollywood Cafe Closes

For almost eight decades, a cafe in Hollywood symbolized what Tinsel Town was all about.

The Snow White Cafe in Los Angeles embodied what the area used to be in an era that no longer exists. This magical place, famed for its murals painted by original Disney artists, seems to have closed its doors for good.

Located at 6769 Hollywood Boulevard and nestled next door to the Hollywood Wax Museum, this much-loved café has been completely gutted. The iconic Snow White murals, painted by Disney’s animators and requested by the café’s original owner, a friend of Walt Disney himself, are sadly no longer visible. Established in 1946, this café was more than just a spot for a quick lunch. It was a gateway to a fairy tale world, a place where dining met fantasy.


This café was not just a local treasure but a favorite among tourists as well. Situated on the well-known Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Snow White Café served up burgers and fries with a side of Hollywood history. However, like many other businesses in LA, it seems it couldn’t sustain against the business downturn in the city.

Once boasting on its now discontinued website that “The murals depict scenes from the film ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ and they are still on display today”, it appears this is no longer the case. The café’s Instagram is also down, leaving their current status a mystery.

The closure speculation began when photos of the café’s gutted interior surfaced. The response was a wave of nostalgia and disappointment from locals and past visitors alike. An observer shared, “I do hope someone saved the sweet artwork inside.” Another fondly remembered, “The best hamburger I ever ate was from Snow White’s Cafe. And the place had such a great vibe.”


The Snow White establishment was more than a café. It was a relic of old Hollywood, frequented by celebrities like Jeff Bridges and Holly Madison. The latter reminisced about the all-day breakfast and the Disney artwork that adorned the café during a visit she shared with her numerous TikTok followers.

If the café has indeed shut its doors, it follows the Arby’s Roast Beef on Sunset, which shuttered after 55 years just weeks ago. This comes amidst LA’s rising violent crime rates, experiencing an increase of 2.9% at the end of March 2024 compared to the previous year.

The Golden era of Hollywood is over; Democrats have wrecked it. There are pockets like the Republican-run Orange County that give us a small glimpse of what the state used to be like.

San Diego’s beaches are being closed because harmful bacteria are found in runoff water. That bacteria didn’t exist until the city’s rampant homelessness hit crisis levels. San Francisco’s infamous downtown only exists in the movies, and Hollywood is crumbling.

The only good thing about seeing Hollywood crumble is that it’s a warning to other areas and states.

Thanks to people like Gavin Newsom, a piece of Americana is gone. The era of what Hollywood/LA, California, used to represent is over.