Biden May Look Like Even Bigger Fool, Look What’s Happening In Israel

After giving Israel his total support, President Biden is hoping for a ceasefire in Gaza because a portion of his base is furious with him.

Israel has said that if the remaining hostages are not released by the beginning of Ramadan, they will invade the Rafah area in Gaza.

The Biden administration appears to be trying to get the hostages released with a six-week ceasefire and then hopes to make that ceasefire permanent.

Biden is playing a game, he’s sending weapons to Israel and air dropping aid into Gaza to appease naysayers.

Meanwhile, Israel is making very quiet moves just in case Biden abandons them to his base.

Israeli officials have awarded two Israeli companies with contracts to manufacture rifle weapons systems. They are withdrawing from US M4 deliveries and going it alone.

From the Israeli paper Ynet:

As part of the lessons learned from the war in Gaza, the IDF is planning an Israeli weapons revolution that may change the battlefield for the infantry, armor, engineering and artillery soldiers in the coming year. The army intends to go back and base itself on unified Israeli weapons in the field of assault rifles for field units, mainly for infantry soldiers. To this end, the procurement administration at the Ministry of Defense is launching a huge tender for tens of thousands of rifles between three local weapons manufacturers: “Silver Shadow” which produces the Gilboa rifle, MZ weapons of the “Amatan” company, and the Arad rifle of IWI. All three are from the AR family of weapons.


Government officials are putting their own supply chain together just in case.

As Democrats are in a fight with a portion of their base over aid to Israel the country is preparing to go it alone if they need to and no longer rely on the USA. If Joe demands a ceasefire and Bibi keeps going Biden is going to look like an international fool.


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