WATCH: AOC Headed For Mental Break Down? She Freaked Out

After what she recently experienced, it may be time for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to make another hilarious “de-stressing” video.

Members on the left are demanding a ceasefire in Israel’s war in Gaza and want politicians to put more pressure on Biden.

While AOC was leaving a movie theater in Brooklyn, New York, the two were filmed while being confronted by a group of protestors in support of Palestine.

The New York City Congresswoman shook her head as one person said, “you refuse to call it a genocide.”

AOC’s turned and said, “I need you to understand this is not okay.”

“It’s not okay that there’s a genocide, you’re not actively against it,” the man replied. “You’re lying!” Ocasio-Cortez quipped back.

“I’m lying?” the man asked. “You went on TV and avoided talking about it.” The group of protestors continued to follow AOC.

A woman added, “If you can’t call it a genocide then how—” before Ocasio-Cortez rounded on her. The pair quietly spoke back and forth before the woman said loudly, “We’re not lying … you haven’t been calling it a genocide. Don’t tell me I’m lying.”

“Over 30,000 people are dead, AOC, you can’t just say it for once? Just say the word, that’s it, that’s all we want you to say.”

The group then continued to follow, where Roberts (AOC’s boyfriend) pleaded, “Stop. Okay? Stop.” The woman replied, “We’re not going anywhere. We’re just talking to an elected public official, that’s all we’re doing, that’s it.”

Ocasio-Cortez got mad and said, “You’re going to cut this and you’re going to clip this so that it’s completely out of context. I already said that it was. And y’all are just going to pretend that it wasn’t, over and over again. It’s f—ed up. And you’re not helping these people. And you’re not helping them.”

This type of protesting is pretty uncivil but AOC’s own words from 2020 haunted her:


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