Biden’s Makes Huge Slip Up During Radio Interview, Yes He Actually Said This

President Biden has a long history of sticking his foot in his mouth, and boy, did he do it again during a radio interview.

Recently, Biden interviewed Milwaukee radio host Michelle Bryant, and you could hear Biden’s skewed perception of low-income families.

“For example, how many Black communities are in a situation where they come from a circumstance where they’re in difficult, where they have difficulty? Where the families are in real trouble?  Where you have people who…even those families that are really poor don’t have any books in the house. Kids don’t hear a lot of conversation,” Biden said.

Say you are an elitist without saying you’re an elitist. 

Biden has said stuff like this before too.

Recently Biden has been making a lot of gaffes.

We previously reported on First Lady Jill Biden flying across the room to stop Joe from doing who knows what.

It is unclear from the video what Biden was going to do, but he clearly seemed disoriented; otherwise, Jill wouldn’t have rushed in like she did.

Biden’s had one of these moments before. Remember when he reached in for a squeeze when Eva Longoria was next to him?

It was certainly strange, and the behavior didn’t change much when Biden traveled to the southwest.


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