Jill Rushes In! What Was Biden Getting Ready To Do? – WATCH

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden flew into action during an awkward moment during an event.

Some social media users believe that Biden began his known “friendly demeanor” and was getting close to kissing or sniffing or something.

It was then Jill Biden flew across the room and intervened.

The video is unclear what Biden was going to do but he clearly seemed disoriented otherwise Jill wouldn’t have rushed in like she did.

Biden’s had one of these moments before. Remember when he reached in for a squeeze when Eva Longoria was next to him?

It was certainly strange, and the behavior didn’t change much when Biden traveled to the southwest.

Does Joe want to go on vacation again?


This was pathetic.

During his speech Biden whined, “Trump wants to undo everything we’ve done.”

On March 17, 2024, Bloomberg reported that grocery prices have increased 25% during the President’s tenure so one could only hope that gets undone.


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