Protestors Barge Into Conservative Event, Didn’t End Well For Them – WATCH

It’s not going well for climate protestors recently.

We previously reported about an incident when Democrat Senator Joe Manchin was speaking to a group at the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics about his decision not to run for re-election. While speaking, the group barged in to protest his support of the Mountain Valley Pipeline project.

It didn’t go well for them.

Not long after the incident at Harvard Senator JD Vance was speaking at an event in DC at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco when climate activists bargained.

When the disruption occurred they happened to run into Tom Sauer, Marine Core veteran and leader of Miramar Health.

He promptly ejected them.

Conservative commentator and analyst Ryan James Girdusky told protestors, “Shouldn’t you be throwing paint on some art right now.”

Girdusky was referring to the climate protestors that have defaced works of art at museams.

The group that interrupted the event is called The American Moment mission and, according to their website, looks to “identify, educate, and credential young Americans who will implement public policy that supports strong families, a sovereign nation, and prosperity for all. American Moment hosts events, produces original content, and builds networks to create personnel who will implement our priorities in government, business, and public policy organizations.”


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