Key Detail Torpedoes Left Claim About Maine Shooting

A horrific shooting took place in Lewiston, Maine, that has left 22 people dead and dozens injured.

The suspect, Robert Card, is still at large, and a multi-law enforcement manhunt is underway.

According to Townhall there were three sites that were crime scenes:

Schemengees, a bar/restaurant, Sparetime Recreation, a bowling alley, and a Walmart distribution center. It was later corrected that Card did not attack the Walmart facility. The bowling alley could yield some horrible updates as a youth bowling league was underway when witnesses heard shots.

We really hate to politicize this but the Democrats have already started and they are doing the same thing they did when Israel supposivley attacked a hospital in Gaza.

According to reports Card was recently sent to a mental health facility, was hearing voices, and recently threatened a National Guard Base.

If the reports are true that Card was involuntarily committed to a facility for treatment, his firearms should have been confiscated. It’s just too soon to know but the left is already out there demanding a repeal of firearms.

It’s time that Americans start imposing the old mental health laws. Many of the most recent horrific shootings were all rooted in mental health.


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