Whiny Gen Z’er Sobs, Her 9-5 Job Reality Hits Her In The Face

A college graduate recently went viral on the internet after she sobbed over her new 9-5 job.

The video has been seen at least 1.5 million times showed Brielle sobbing that her job makes her too tired to cook, shower, or have a social life.

She added that her job isn’t the problem, “but just like the 9-5 schedule in general is just crazy.”

From the Dailymail:

Brielle landed her role after five months of searching and sending out ‘hundreds’ of applications daily.

The young woman explained she had no option but to move to New Jersey for her New York-based job because she couldn’t afford sky-rocketing rent prices in the city.

The teary-eyed woman divulged it took ‘f****ng forever’ to get to and from her workplace, admitting that it would be easier if she lived within walking distance.

Brielle continued: “I leave here and get on the train at like 7.30am and I don’t get home until 6.15pm earliest. I don’t have the time to do anything.”

In a later video, she told her TikTok following of around 118,800, that sometimes she does not make it home until 7.30pm.

“I want to shower, eat my dinner and go to sleep. I don’t have the time or energy to cook my dinner either,” added Brielle.

“I don’t have energy to work out, like that’s out of the window. I’m so upset. Oh my god.”

Balancing work and personal life would be easier if she worked from home, according to the graduate.

The comments were a hoot!

Many of the comments said that a 40-hour work week is no longer attainable and that she is “not alone it’s insane how legit your entire day is gone.”

Another suggested that “Gen Z need to collectively move up into management positions and then collectively enforce the four day work week.”

Who wants to tell them that a 4-day work week is at least a 10-hour day? If you work in the medical profession (like at a hospital, it’s 12-hour shifts).

Another person commented, “It’s so repetitive and depressing. I feel you girl,” while another chimed in: ”Five days of work and two days off feels like hell, honestly.”

Part of this shows that life was really good for Gen Zers, and they had no awareness of how hard their parents worked. Brielle even mentioned that in a later video and thanked her parents for the life they provided her. Lastly, she divulged that she isn’t used to having to commute because, for the last portion of her time in college, she never attended class because of COVID policies.

Brielle then demanded America change the 9-5 schedule.

“It’s not fair the only people that are benefitting are people who run the corporations,’ said the content creator. “Or people who that are extremely rich or influencers that don’t have to work a regular schedule.”

Talk about a lack of awareness. Those “extremely rich” people or “influencers” didn’t have a regular schedule. Most of them worked more than a 9-5 to get to where they are now.

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Reality and awareness.

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I will say this: she never spoke badly about her employer, and despite her feelings, she is getting up and going to work every day.


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