Obama Goes To Speak, KJP Flips Out At Press, Audio Feed Cut

As we previously reported, former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton joined President Biden in New York City for a very fancy fundraiser.

En route to Queens, New Yo0rk, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre held a gaggle aboard Air Force One.

To start the gaggle and knowing that former President Trump was attending the wake of fallen NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller, the KJP said that the President spoke to Mayor Adams.

“All right, guys. So much fun. So much memories. Okay, let me just say a couple of things at the top. So, first, President Biden spoke to Mayor Adams and gave his condolences about the tragic killing of Officer Jonathan Diller. The President offered Mayor Adams, the city of New York, and the New York Police Department his full support in the wake of the tragedy,” she said.

The next question gave more detail.

A reporter asked, “So, President Biden will be in New York City for most of the day doing fundraising. Former President Donald Trump is going to the wake of the NYPD officer. I wondered if — you mentioned that the President spoke to Mayor Adams. I wonder if he’d spoken to the family of the officer. And also, you know, Trump is blaming a lot of crime on Biden. I just wondered if you could speak a little bit about that.”

“Yeah, so — so, I don’t have any private communications to share at this time. Our hearts go out, obviously, to the officer’s family and the broader NYPD family, who have tragically lost one of their own. The President grieves for them and honors their sacrifice,” the press secretary said in response.

But what came next was very telling. Former President Obama came in to address the reporters and Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre flipped out.

“Off the record! Off the record!” She shouted.

Then, they cut the audio.

What do you think happened next?


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