SMH: Buttigieg Tries To Sound Smart, The Complete Opposite Happens – WATCH

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg decided to give an interview with Fox News and thought it would be a great idea to mock Americans.

Pete was asked about the facts showing that the electric vehicle market is struggling.

“Tesla sales fell 8.5% the first quarter of this year,” said co-host John Roberts of “America’s newsroom.” “Ford this week is laying off two thirds of its workforce at the F-150 electric lightning plant. It’s also scaling back a battery production facility because of sagging sales.”

“EV sales are nowhere near what this president wanted or expected, yet the administration continues to shove them down consumers throats,” he continued. “Why?”

In typical woke fashion Buttigieg ignored the facts and said it was “clear” consuemrs want EVs and dismissed Tesla’s slowing numbers.

“Let’s be clear that the automotive sector is moving toward EVs, and we can’t pretend otherwise,” he claimed. “Sometimes when these debates happen, I feel like it’s the early 2000s and I’m talking to some people who think that we can just have landline phones forever.”

Does Pete realize we had to keep landlines around for so long because government failed to adapt the 911/emergency lines quickly enough? Also, people didn’t adapt cellphones until they actually became affordable, there was a network that actually worked so calls wouldn’t drop, and having one was more of a convenience than a hassle.

Maybe he should ask Ask Energy Secretary Jennifer Grandholm how her EV road trip went.

It did not go well and her team ended up having the police called them.


It was summer and it was hot out when a family with a baby in the car pulled up to a charging station. The family waited for a while because there just aren’t as many charging stations like there are gas stations. After waiting some time they were upset because a gasoline powered vehicle was blocking access to the charging station. They called the police to have the person move the vehicle because they refused to move and they were blocking vehicles abilities to charge.

Turns out it was Granholm’s team trying save a charging station for her.

NPR did a big write up on the incident and even stated right out of the gate EVs have a “roadtrip problem.”

Also cellphones are better than landlines because you have mobility with them, current EVs restrict mobility.


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