They Mocked Conservatives Over it, But Now Look What The Biden Campaign Is Doing

On January 11, 2024, MSNBC reported that Fox News was airing an “absurd conspiracy theory” that the left would use Taylor Swift to “drum up support for President Joe Biden.”

Well, guess what… From Forbes:

Landing an endorsement from Swift, who previously endorsed Biden in 2020, is the “endorsement of the [Biden campaign’s] wildest dreams,” the Times reports, noting applicants to a social media role for the campaign were advised not to describe their “Taylor Swift strategy,” given how many suggestions there have already been within the campaign about how to garner her support.

One of those ideas—which the Times notes was said “a bit in jest”—is even to send Biden to a stop on Swift’s “Eras” tour.


What’s even more hilarious is before MSNBC claimed that Fox News was airing “conspiracy theories,” on December 25, 2023, they published a piece claiming that “Taylor Swift Could Save Joe Biden.”


Republicans wouldn’t be the prime target for a Swift endorsement anyway. The real audience would be Democrats. 53% of them view Swift positively, and only 5% have a negative view. 55% of Swifties consider themselves Democrats, more than half live in suburbs, and just under three-quarters are white. And, of particular interest to the Biden campaign, nearly half of all Swifties are millennials — a segment of the electorate with whom Biden is struggling. For a candidate who needs young female voters and suburban-dwelling women to get him across the finish line in 2024, who could be a better spokeswoman?

Remember, ten days later, they wrote this was a “conspiracy theory.”

Conservative commentator Alex Clark doesn’t think that Taylor Swift’s endorsement will help as much as some believe.


Note Biden is not running on his merits or compliments. The campaign is banking on a white, wealthy woman in her mid-thirties to sway the electorate.

So much for DEI.


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