E. Jean Carroll’s Lawyers Nervous After Interview Goes Wild

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow interviewed E. Jean Carrol and her lawyers following the judgment that Trump will be forced to pay an $83.3 million judgment.

The interview is going viral and not in the way that Democrats hope; it not only supported claims made by the right about the case, but it was classless.

It was so cringy.

During the interview, the cackling liberal group mocked Trump lawyer Alina Habba, basically calling her stupid.

Carroll couldn’t help herself and started mocking former President Trump.

“He is like a walrus snorting and like a rhino flopping his hands. It was– he is not there. That was the surprising thing to me,” Carroll said.

However, the cat really came out of the bag when Maddow asked Carroll what she was going to do with all the money and you could see how nervous her lawyers were getting.

Maddow said, “You’ve talked about using some of Trump’s money that you’re about to get to help shore up women’s rights. Do you know what that might be? What that might look like?”

“Yes, Rachel! Yes! I have such, such great ideas for all the good I’m gonna do with this money. First thing, Rachel, you and I are going to go shopping. We’re going to get completely new wardrobes, new shoes, a motorcycle for Crowley, a new fishing rod for Robbie. Rachel, what do you want? Penthouse? It’s yours, Rachel! Penthouse and, uh, France? You want France? You wanna go fishing in France? No? Oh, alright,” she said cackling like Vice President Kamala Harris.

The outburst was so bad that her attorney piped in stating, “That’s a joke.”

Carroll, whose case was bankrolled by a Democrat donor, said that she may go back for more.


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