Korean Women Smack Back At Woke Leftists With Damning Video

As of late, there has been a movement in Hollywood and the entertainment industry to remove beautiful women and replace them with almost masculine features.

It’s also been learned that there are woke companies and organizations pushing DEI to do what Disney has done to the video game world.

One of the biggest arguments woke leftists have made is that the women being portrayed are not realistic.

Most notably, they attacked a recent video game whose protagonist is very attractive. When the game studio refused to dial the character down, woke leftists in the media went nuts, slamming the game and trying to ruin the launch.

What they don’t realize is that the protagonist character named “Eve” in the game Stellar Blade” developed in South Korea, was taken from an actual South Korean woman.

Here’s the basic rundown as described by Redstate:

The feminist/social justice crowd has been apoplectic about a South Korean-made game called “Stellar Blade” from Shift Up Studios. Its main character, Eve, is a beautiful woman with very sexy bodily features. This isn’t something that can exist in the West, according to leftists, because Eve’s body is wholly “unrealistic.”

The outrage from the left became so overt that the French arm of major gaming news site IGN published an article calling Eve a “sexualized doll” created by people who’ve never seen a woman before. This article was lambasted globally as it turned out that Eve was modeled after a real woman, Korean model Shin Jae-eun. Moreover, the wife of the game’s head creator, Jiyun Chae, had a hand in creating Eve herself as she’s one of the concept artists at the company. IGN’s head office was forced to take action and apologize to Shift Up for the article.

If you thought that was embarrassing for the woke it gets even better. Korean women are mocking Western workers and their views about women.

You can watch the video; however, it is a little PG-13ish, so we linked to it here. It’s pretty clear that South Korean women are upset with the Western media. It also appears that the woke Western women who are attacking the game are a little jealous.



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