Is The Left Is Using A Foreign Judge To Lock Up Musk?

When Elon Musk bought Twitter (now known as X), he took the left’s favorite toy away from them.

Not only did he take away their toy, but he released all of the documents exposing that the company’s previous leadership was colluding with the Biden administration to silence conservatives.

Thanks to Musk the lefts ability to control the narrative has been a struggle. Now it appears that a judge in Brazil is going to do their dirty work.

Musk is at the center of a controversial investigation spearheaded by Brazil’s Supreme Court, particularly by Justice Alexandre de Moraes.

Can you remember a time when a foreign judge would threaten an American engaging in protecting free speech?

Justice de Moraes has claimed Musk has had an active role in what has been described as a public “disinformation campaign” concerning the (Brazil’s) Supreme Court’s rigorous efforts to curb fake news. The investigation zeroes in on Musk’s actions over a weekend, where he notably declared that his social media platform, X, formerly known as Twitter, would no longer adhere to the court’s directives to block certain user accounts accused of spreading misinformation.

Musk has said that he will publish everything demanded by the judge but also show how it violates Brazilian law.

The investigation ordered by the judge claims to see if Musk has criminally used X as a tool for obstruction, to foster a criminal organization, and to incite illegal actions.

Musk has since added that he is going to stand for free speech.



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