WOAH White House Advisers Throw Jill Biden Under The Bus

It was buried in a Wall Street Journal report, but it’s true: anonymous White House advisers appear to have thrown Jill Biden under the bus over the border.

The border is becoming a huge problem for Biden, and his campaign co-chair Senator Chris Coons admitted that they have to shift their policy.

CNN co-host Phil Mattingly asked, “Do you think that Democrats, from a policy perspective, what they are willing to entertain, what they are willing to sign off on when it comes to restrictions related to immigration, are in a different place than they were a year, two years ago because of what’s happened at the border?”

Coons answered, “Yes, I think there’s a willingness to reconsider the initial screening standard for asylum, for example, because so many people are now using the asylum process, who, ultimately, years later, after a court review, will be deemed ineligible for asylum. That’s one of the biggest changes in recent years. But there [are] many Democrats who question whether the policy changes demanded by Republicans will actually make a difference at the border. Most Democrats would prefer a regional engagement that addresses the conditions in the countries folks are flowing from towards the United States in addition to changes in how we screen for asylum and in how we treat folks when they’re being detained or deported here. This has been a vigorous debate as long as I’ve been in the Senate. We have tried and tried, and hopefully, the politics of the re-election campaign will not get in the way of our proving some path forward here does exist.”

There is a lot of wringing of hands going on and advisers of the president seemed to have quietly thrown First Lady Jill Biden under the bus stating that it was her emotional reactions to Trump that caused the policy.

From the Wall Street Journal:

The president, advisers say, was particularly influenced by first lady Jill Biden’s emotional reactions to the Trump administration’s policy of family separations and his “Remain in Mexico” program, which denied U.S. entry while asylum claims were pending. The first lady had visited a tent camp of migrants living just across the southern border in Matamoros, one of the most dangerous cities in Mexico.
On his first day in office, he followed through on several of those pledges. He halted construction of Trump’s border wall, reversed the travel ban on several Muslim-majority countries and ended the Remain in Mexico policy.
The border issue is becoming such a big issue that Biden is meeting with Republicans and recently said he has no sticking points. Funny how White House adviser mentioned Jill now that Biden is facing pressure.
That is a dramatic turnaround.


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