Just When You Thought The Elites At WEF Couldn’t Get Any Weirder Watch This

The WEF/Davos group are interesting.

They dress and look like bond villains.

The media in the USA pretty much ignore conferences when they take place, and for good reason. The elite that attends the event do not hide their goals of a sort of elitist academia takeover.

Despite pushing their degrowth narrative, they still make time for virtue signals.

Now, before you watch the clip below, remember it was the people sitting in the chairs that, not long ago, were telling us to stay 6 feet apart and wear masks. Now, they are letting people cough directly on their faces.

It’s not the first time weird stuff happened at the conference, who can forget the grammy performance from last years conference.

But stuff like this seems to happen when the elite gather in Europe.

But they really do want to crack down, just listen to the President of the European Commission.

They really don’t like free speech.

Take a listen to this with everything going on.


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