Biden Campaign Makes Stunning Admittance About Trump

Well, this is different; the Biden campaign has just made a huge concession.

Since the beginning of the new year we’ve already gone through several iterations of the Biden campaign. In January, they were confident in casting Trump supporters as a “threat to democracy.” However, even Biden’s buddies had “concerns” about the tone at Valley Forge and several pundits spoke out.

A few weeks later, Biden’s team said they were going to make November all about abortion. However, that didn’t seem to pick up speed either.

Then, the Biden team said that they were going to use the things Trump said to try and steer voters away.

Note what’s missing: A plan to get inflation down, boost the economy, fix the border etc.

It’s all TDS.

However, even the “bloodbath” ad is being seen for what it is. Red meat for Joe’s base and turning off moderates who are up for grabs.

A couple of days after the “bloodbath” strategy here’s what Biden’s campaign said.

“At the end of the day, we know this is going to be a tough, close race,” a Biden campaign aide told reporters Monday. “That’s why we’re investing in multiple ways to 270 electoral votes.”

That’s one heck of an admittance.

The comments were made as news broke that Biden is headed to Arizona and Nevada. The President is behind in the polls in both states by around 5 points according to Real Clear Politics (as of the writing of this post).

Despite this, a Biden campaign aide was cocky.

“They don’t have the money or infrastructure to reach the voters who will make a difference in this election and be decisive,” the campaign aide said. “We will continue to meet voters where they are, highlight all that’s at stake this election, engage this diverse coalition of voters that have powered our victories in these two states in the past three cycles.”

The aid isn’t wrong, but former President Trump’s influence has kicked out the former RNC staff and is bringing those in who can make a difference.

RNC co-chair Lara Trump has said they are committing to putting a ground game together similar to the DNC and that could make all the difference.


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