Conservative Influencer Criminally Charged Over Table

Conservative influencer and former congressional intern to GOP representative Isabella Maria Deluca has been arrested and charged in relation to the events of 1/6.

DeLuca has been charged with four misdemeanor counts used against 1,000 other defendants, as well as a fifth, which includes theft of government property.

From WUSA 9:

According to charging documents, DeLuca can be seen climbing through a broken window into an unoccupied congressional office. Once inside, investigators say DeLuca assisted other rioters in passing a table out of the window. Investigators said the table was later used as a weapon against police – including one of the legs, which may have been used by another riot defendant, Timothy Desjardins, who faces felony charges of assault and civil disorder in connection with Jan. 6. Desjardins was sentenced last year to 18 years in prison on unrelated assault and firearms charges connected to a shooting at a Walgreens in Rhode Island.

DeLuca has never denied being at the Capitol on 1/6 and was interviewed by the FBI on January 21, 2021.

Her mother was also interviewed on the same day and stated that her daughter did go to the Capitol with friends but did not go inside the building. The conservative influencer mother added that she had watched her daughter’s Instagram Live Stream video showing her outside the building.

Reportedly, DeLuca can be seen on CCTV on the inauguration stage at the Capitol and approaching a window that was broken.

Allegedly, she crawled through a broken window and 90 seconds later assisted “other rioters in passing a table out of one of the broken windows.”

The table was later passed down to the tunnel area and was “used as a weapon against law enforcement.”

Court documents stated that DeLuca left the building about two and half minutes after she entered.

According to the US Senate Sergeant at Arms the cost to replace the coffee table is around $637.96.

DeLuca is a former Turning Point USA ambassador and was an intern for Reps. Lee Zeldin of New York and Paul Gosar of Arizona.


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