Biden Campaign Sends Out Jill Biden To Do Their Dirty Work – VIDEO

As President Joe Biden blunders his way through his re-election campaign they are now sending First Lady Jill Biden out to do his dirty work.

So, as the First Lady speaks, does she address the border? No, she goes after Republicans and demonizes them with far-left rhetoric.

While at an event that costs $100,000 per ticket, she continued the false narrative about red-state legislation that is getting extreme books out of schools and fortifying parental rights.

“Just last night, we had to fend off more than 50 anti-gay amendments that Republicans tried to force into the government funding bill. These were extreme measures aimed directly at this community – measures that would have limited healthcare, eroded protections for same-sex couples, and more. And they served only one purpose: to spread hate and fear,” Jill Biden said. “History teaches us that democracies don’t disappear overnight. They disappear slowly. Subtly. Silently. A book ban. A court decision. A ‘don’t say gay’ law.”

Then, look at what she compared Republicans to.

“Before World War II, I’m told, Berlin was the center of LGBTQ culture in Europe. One group of people loses their rights. And then another, and another. Until one morning you wake up – and you no longer live in a democracy,” she said.

A couple of years ago, DeSantis displayed some of the books taken out of classrooms during a press conference. Most of the books have been moved to the school libraries and put in age-appropriate sections.

Some included illustrations depicting minors engaged in sexual activity and instructions on how to masturbate, engage in sex acts or download inappropriate apps.

He also slammed the “hoax” that taking books out of the classroom would be a form of “book banning.”

“I just think parents, when they’re sending their kids to school, they should not have to worry about this garbage being in the schools,” the GOP governor said.

Apparently that’s what Jill Biden thinks of parental rights.



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