WH Responds To Video

Yup, they are in panic mode.

The White House has responded to a recent viral video about Joe Biden.

A video went viral on social media that showed former President Barak Obama guide Biden off the stage during a Hollywood fundraiser.

You don’t need to see “highly edited” videos to know that Biden constantly gets lost when it’s time for him to exit the stage. At this point we’ve been watching for a couple of years Joe lose his way and need to be directed.

So, seeing Obama have to walk off with Joe shouldn’t be a surprise.

But the left is really freaking out about this.

The Biden team has even created a new name to try to deflect the videos.

“Fresh off being fact checked by at least 6 mainstream news organizations for lying about President Biden with cheap fakes, Rupert Murdoch’s sad little super pac, the New York Post, is back to disrespecting it’s readers and itself once again by pretending the President taking in an applauding crowd for a few seconds is somehow wrong,” Bates’s statement said. “Their ethical standards could deal with a little unfreezing.”

Note the new term: “Cheap fakes”

The videos are getting to them but what are they going to do? Stop Biden from doing appearances?

The Italy trip was a disaster and now this lol.

As we previously reported, the Italian PM had to take it upon herself to keep Biden from making a complete stooge out of himself.

So, how bad was it?

Check out the response from MSNBC:

At the start of their first formal meeting, there was a bit of confusion. President Biden, seeking clarity, asked Meloni, “They’re just taking pictures?” This simple question, set against the backdrop of U.S. and Italian flags, signaled that the meeting would be a no-remarks photo opportunity. Meloni’s nod confirmed this, and the president’s handlers promptly asked the pool of reporters to exit. It was a carefully orchestrated scene, typical of the G7’s controlled media interactions.

Below was another moment when Biden got really confused and Meloni ushered him around.

And this happened too.

Meloni’s role as the summit’s host was not limited to managing high-profile meetings. She demonstrated her PR savvy by guiding Biden and other leaders through various events, ensuring every photo op was picture-perfect. During a parachuting demonstration, Meloni showed her leadership by gently steering Biden back to the group when he wandered off. This moment captured her ability to balance hospitality with leadership, making sure everyone stayed on track.

the left was freaking out that the orginial clip was just a highly edited video to make Joe look bad. But someone put the incident in context and it did Biden no favors.