Is Kamala Drunk? – Watch

Vice President Kamala Harris was speaking to community leaders about violence in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

Vice President Kamala Harris was stating that she believes that lawmakers in the Capitol have “feckless” quality for not supporting “an assault weapons ban.

“And — and it is about everything from what happens in this town — I’m pointing to the direction of what I believe is the Capitol and what needs to happen in terms of people, who otherwise have evidenced themselves being — having a feckless quality, to show some courage to reject the false notion that suggests you’re either in favor of the Second Amendment or you want to take everyone’s guns away, when, in fact, it’s just reasonable,” she said. “I support the Second Amendment, but it’s reasonable to say we need an assault weapons ban. It’s reasonable to say we need universal background checks, that we need red flag laws.”

But here’s how she said it.

What the heck! Is she drunk?

Check this word smithing out and the more I listen you must wonder if she is a little tipsy.

Serious question does she even read her speeches before she delivers them?

One would imagine with all the controversy swirling about Biden’s age that this would be the time Kamala really stands out. The situation in DC is so alarming that Democrat Senator Tammy Baldwin whose up for re-election doesn’t want to talk about it.


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