More Harvard Hamas Fallout, Prestigious Law Firm Gives Woke Graduates A Dose Of Reality

Woke Ivey league students are beginning to learn that there are consequences to your actions. For example, signing a statement supporting an organization that beheaded babies is probably not a good idea.

The Davis Polk & Wardwell U.S. law firm announced it had withdrawn job offers for three law students from Harvard and Columbia University after the students had signed organizational statements regarding the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Davis Polk, via an email signed by Neil Barr, stated the “statements are contrary to our firm’s values,” and thus “rescinding the offers was appropriate.” The firm is keeping ongoing communication with two of the affected students “to ensure that any further color being offered to us by these students is considered.”

The statement and the subsequent rescission of job offers has driven both sides to heavy discussion regarding the matter. While Davis Polk was careful to ensure that they didn’t appear biased towards either side of the conflict, the original statement painted harvard’s students as Israel and Palestinian conflict as “entirely Israel’s fault.” The statement has since been accused of being unfair to Israel and causing students to be wrongly targeted

On October 10, Jonathan Neman, the CEO of Sweetgreen, and David Duel, the CEO of EasyHealth, commented on platform X that they wanted to know who the signees of the Harvard statement were, so they could assure these students would not be hired into their firms. This statement irked many of the public, including Anderson Cooper, who tweeted “Free Speech Essential for Everyone.

Since the controversy began, numerous CEOs, business leaders and federal judges have severed ties with the university, taken steps to identify the signees or outright stated they would not hire any signees. The adamant stance of the Davis Polk law firm, however clearly illustrates how corporate America is finally willing to take a stand.

Words matter.



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