Watch: Pelosi Crumbles During Interview, Dem Gaslighting Isn’t Working Anymore

As many of you know President Biden is facing a lot of pressure from a large portion of his base about his policy toward Israel.

Pelosi sat down to give an interview with Tim Sebastian while attending the Munich Security Conference 2024.

A large portion of the interview was a discussion about the various conflicts the United States is involved in around the world.

At one point during the discussion, Pelosi was asked why Biden isn’t using the levers that previous presidents have used when Israel has, in their view, crossed a line. Pelosi tried to play coy and asked for an “example?”

Sebastian went on to state that Eisenhower threatened sanctions, Reagan held up the delivery of fighter jets, and George Bush Senior blocked loan guarantees.

Pelosi tried to mention that Biden has mentioned the controversy about settlements.

Folks their gaslighting is just falling apart before their eye.

Toward the end of the interview, Pelosi begins discussing Trump, and she about comes out of her chair when Sebastian calls her rhotic out about Biden’s poor performance. There is one bit of truth that Nancy says at the very end of the interview and Republicans better listen up.

When asked about the polls, Pelosi mentioned how they only lost five seats during the midterms when it was supposed to be a red wave. Pelosi said, “we don’t agonize we organize.”

That is not the posture of the RNC, and that’s one reason why there’s been a leadership change.

Now, here’s the good news: Lara Trump is now the co-chair at the RNC, and she is putting the peddle to the meddle.

Remember that Sebastian runs a very left-wing foreign policy podcast. He goes on to press Pelosi like I’ve never seen her pressed before. We posted the entire interview below so you can watch everything in context.


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