WATCH: Biden Gets Into A Fight With His Coat, Looks Like The Coat Won

About 378 days after one of the largest industrial disasters of recent memory, President Biden finally visited East Palenstine, Ohio.

The town was plagued with a toxic train derailment that led to a lot of controversy.

It was a tragedy, and when Joe finally showed up, residents voiced their frustrations.


Biden met with community leaders and spoke for seven minutes slurring his words while reading directly off his notes.

Then, the President started to yell randomly.

After waiting about a year to visit the town that experienced a very scary tragedy, Biden said, “We leave no one behind.”

At one point during the event Biden appeared to be confused, just watch him in the background.

While the mayor was speaking, the President seemed to get into a fight with his jacket, like he had lost something. Biden looked incredibly confused and started going through all of the pockets in his coat and did so for about 30 seconds.



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