Sounds Like Jill Biden Is Controlling Dominion – WATCH

It was perhaps the biggest bombshell to be discovered after a hidden camera busted a Fox News reporter discussing the firing of Tucker Carlson.

The O’Keefe Media Group released a video showing an undercover journalist speaking to Fox News at Night producer Sean Langille and what he said was truly shocking.

Langille revealed that former Biden White House employee Michael La Rosa started a consulting firm that now works for Dominion.

“Someone who worked for the Biden White House was literally crafting the message for Dominion,” he said.

“So he[La Rosa] left working for Jill Biden,” Langille said, “to start this PR firm or work for this firm, whose sole client was Dominion, doing their comms. It’s like, right from the White House, to go work for Dominion. So it’s like when you know those little moving parts, you’re like ‘everyone’s shady.’ Left the White House to literally go take down the news outlet that was being unfavorable to his boss.”

I’m sure the communications between Jill Biden and La Rosa are all above board (complete sarcasm). It’s not like the Durham investigation finally proved that the entire Russiagate investigation was a complete hoax run by DNC diehards inside the Justice Department.

The producer also admitted that the company is beholden to Big Tech and Big Pharma (he said Pfizer by name) for advertising money.

What was most telling (or maybe frightening) was what occurred after the video when O’Keefe called Langille and confronted him.

The only thing that seemed to scare Langille when he learned his comments would go public was what he said about Pfizer.

Langille literally alleged that the Biden administration is controlling Dominion and the only thing he is worried about are his comments about Pfizer.

O’Keefe was ousted at Project Veritas just weeks after he exposed a mid-level Pfizer executive.



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