Biden Takes Another Swing At American Gun Owners

Sadly we all saw the barbaric attack take place in Israel by Hamas terrorists. It was a surprise attack where terrorists went home to home shooting and burning.

There was a lot of footage uploaded by the terrorists themselves showing their atrocities. There were also several videos showing Israeli forces trying to counterattack and beat back the terrorists where they could.

Gun ownership is legal in Israel however, semi-auto rifles are not allowed. Keep in mind that most Israelis do know how to operate rifles and weapons because of government service requirements. Despite this, only 2% of the Israeli population own guns (30% of Americans own at least one firearm) and there are tight regulations that must be followed.

The fact that only 2% of the population owned a firearm made it all the easier for the Hamas terrorists to go house to house with very little resistance.

Israeli’s are now pressuring the government to loosen their rules on personal gun ownership after over 1,200 Israeli’s were slain in the attack.

“People are changing their opinion, and now there is more awareness,” Rabbi Raz Blizovsky, 32, of Katzrin told The Times of Israel.

“I have been involved with groups that have been talking about this issue for years. During calm times, people don’t do anything,” he said.

The government of Israel has loosened their approval process since the attack.

It appears that at least one gun owner did fight back in a settlement. As Hamas was going house to house a lone unknown gunman killed a terrorist.

Warning Sensitive Content

After Israelis were massacred in their own homes Biden – around a week after the attack – goes after American gun owners.

While giving a speech at a dinner, Biden said, “Who, in God’s name, needs a weapon with 100 rounds in a chamber? The weapon was only meant for one thing: to kill people.”

He then affirmed his commitment to stop Americans from owning semi-automatic rifles, “We did it before. We can do it again. As long as I’m in office, I’m not going to stop until we get it done again.”

As Biden attacks American gun owners Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir is easing restrictions and talking about reform.


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