Watch: Florida Official Cringes When Creepy Joe Biden Goes In For The Sniff & Jill Is NOT Amused

President Biden traveled to Florida to meet with Governor Ron DeSantis in a show of unity after hurricane Ian devastated the western portion of the state.

While Governor DeSantis was speaking, there was an official in the background to the right of DeSantis. The woman – who is very good-looking – caught Biden’s eye and he just couldn’t help himself. The President whispers something to her, and she uncomfortably smiles. Biden then grabs her hand, which she uses to try and keep his distance and he goes in for the hair sniff.

So cringy…

That poor woman.

Ironically, before the visit, a piece in Politico warned the President about his body langue. The piece Cited how Charlie Crist killed his Republican career hugging Obama, Politico admitted Joe’s hugging is a problem.

From Politico:

The president is a touchy-feely guy — it was the source of some discomfort on the part of some recipients during the campaign — but the somber business of dealing with a massive natural disaster might curb his instincts.

“Joe Biden is a hugger,” Navarro says. “But he’s also aware of the criticism he got for hugging and kissing too much.”

First Lady Jill Biden was not amused.

The incident occurs right as the video starts. Just watch Jill Biden, who tries to ignore what’s happening and is obviously not happy.

Biden was clearly outclassed by DeSantis and was feeling very insecure.

The President was caught on a hot mic swearing for no apparent reason while speaking with the mayor of Fort Meyers, Florida.

“Nobody f—s with a Biden,” the President said to Ray Murphy, the mayor of Fort Myers Beach, Florida.

Murphy isn’t sure what prompted the President to say what he did but defended Biden.

“It was not directed at anybody. It was just two guys talking,” Murphy said in a phone interview shortly after Biden’s remark went viral. “It didn’t faze me one bit. That’s just the way two guys talk to each other from our respective backgrounds.”

Murphy has never previously met Biden.

However, some speculate that the President made those comments because he knew DeSantis outperformed him.

Here’s an example of the leadership from DeSantis and other Florida officials.

In just three days, the bridge to Pine Island was completed.

It took Biden weeks to admit there was a baby formula shortage.


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