What’s Up With Biden’s Hand? New Imagine Raises Questions About Health

The President has made a lot of blunders lately, and they have been so bad even the New York Times reported on them.


In one day Biden said, Said Debbie Wasserman Schultz worked in the senate, forgot what FEMA stands for, forgot the name of Hurricane Ian, said “the war in Iraq” is to blame for inflation, claimed he met the man who discovered insulin and busted out the southern accent.


It’s no longer speeches that raise questions about Biden’s health. A picture taken by AP photographer Evan Vucci of the president’s hand is causing a stir.


An image from October 27, 2022, appears to show a similar scar during an appearance with New York Governor Kathy Hochul.

We’ll see if the White House address the image, but they’ve had trouble answering questions lately.


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