Another Woke Failure! Company Does A 180 After Backlash

In August of 2021, the brand Victoria’s Secret, known for its famous undergarments, made a change.

“The Victoria’s Secret Angels, those avatars of Barbie bodies and playboy reverie, are gone. Their wings, fluttery confections of rhinestones and feathers that could weigh almost 30 pounds, are gathering dust in storage. The “Fantasy Bra,” dangling real diamonds and other gems, is no more.

In their place are seven women famous for their achievements and not their proportions,” gleefully wrote the New York Times.

The company was praised by leftists in their attempt to “redefine the version of ‘sexy.'”

“When the world was changing, we were too slow to respond,” said Martin Waters, the former head of Victoria’s Secret’s international business who was appointed chief executive of the brand in February. “We needed to stop being about what men want and to be about what women want.”

Former chief executive of the Victoris’s Secret division responsible for the company’s catalog warned the new leadership they better “be careful with what you’re doing.” Citing that before the Biden economy the company was a $7 billion business and that wasn’t built on not being “sexy.”

The company even brought in USA women’s Soccer player Megan Rapinoe as an ambassador.

From the Times:

“Of course there will be people who are like, ‘Does this make sense?’” said Ms. Rapinoe, who acknowledged that when she was first approached, “I, too, was like, ‘What? Why do you want to work with me?’” She said she had been convinced by the willingness of the brand’s executives to acknowledge their mistakes and history, and by the fact that her role is not limited to the typical “brand ambassadorship,” but extends to consulting on language the company uses, the assortment of products it offers and narrative it’s putting out.

The company also made headlines when they hired it first openly transgender model.

The question the Times asked was, “Will women buy it?”

The answer is no.

In June 2023, there was a big change in the leadership and many of those hired in 2021 were moving on.

Why? Because when the powerhouse lingerie company stopped selling sexy their competitors did.

Chief executive Martin Waters said that, “Despite everyone’s best endeavors, it’s [woke initiatives have] not been enough to carry the day.”

From the Dailywire:

The company said while the move to push LGBTQ identities was favored by critics, it didn’t equal better sales. The brand is projecting revenue of $6.2 billion this fiscal year, which is down 5% from the previous year, and 15% from 2020.

Victoria’s Secret and Pink brand president Greg Unis said the brand’s going back to “sexiness.”

“Sexiness can be inclusive,” Unis said. “Sexiness can celebrate the diverse experiences of our customers and that’s what we’re focused on.”

Notice how he shoved as many woke words into his sentence to sound inclusive.

Go woke, go broke.


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