NYT’s FURIOUS, Elon Hits Them Where It Hurts Over Gaza Disinformation

The New York Times misrepresented a photograph of a partially demolished building, falsely claiming it to be the Gaza Hospital targeted by an “Israeli strike” in their initial report on Tuesday.

However, the Times itself, through its wire service, identified the location of the photo as Khan Younis, a locality in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, rather than the northern area of Gaza City.

The photograph published by The Times portrays a structure that is partially demolished, presenting a scene that starkly contrasts with the images shared by other media outlets. For instance, CNN and the Wall Street Journal have featured photographs of the blast site, which depict what seems to be a parking lot with nearby trees, devoid of any building debris.

“[W]hen @NYTimes published a fictitious story from Hamas about Israel bombing a hospital, NYT used a picture from a completely different location to make it look like a picture of the hospital that was ‘destroyed,’” author and lawyer Michael P Senger posted on X. “Astonishing disinformation and journalistic malpractice.”

The misrepresentation of the blast site follows reports that the Times altered its headline twice on Tuesday regarding the hospital blast. Each revision sought to reduce the blame attributed to Israel for the devastating explosion.

On Wednesday, The Times provided explanations for their report claiming that an “Israeli Strike” had destroyed a hospital, sourcing the information from the Hamas-run “Gaza health ministry.” However, the article failed to mention the close association between the Ministry and the Hamas terror organization, instead trying to portray it as solely Palestinian. Even in their revised article, The Times still attributes the information to the “Palestinians.”

During his Wednesday radio show, Mark Levin, a conservative radio host and litigator, pointed out that the headlines of the New York Times still conflate the Palestinian ethnic group with the Hamas terrorist organization. “To clarify, the New York Times has, perhaps unintentionally, equated Palestinians with Hamas,” he explained. “However, they will never acknowledge it,” he added, addressing his audience.

There is compelling evidence, both from the Israel Defense Forces and the media, indicating that the explosion in Gaza’s hospital was caused by an errant rocket fired by Hamas, rather than an Israeli airstrike.

After all of the nonsense, Twitter head Elon Musk removed the Times’ verification badge because of the misinformation being published by the newspaper.


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